Rexingen - mein Ort

Welcome to Rexingen!

Rexingen is a village with about 1 300 inhabitants – a district of the major town of „Große Kreisstadt“ Horb am Neckar – it is located 4 km west of the city of Horb in a lovley tributary valley of the Neckar river

We have a good infrastructure with kindergarten and primary school, in the middle of a very impressive landscape with lots of forest - fields and meadows, so very recreational!
Rexingen is an open-minded place with a very diverse and lively village culture and a distinct and interesting history. All this you can learn about here  online... and if we have made you curious, then come visit us!
All the best wishes for the New Year 2016 t7 you and your family

Birgit Sayer

The district 

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- über die B14 / Neckartal 3 km zur Großen Kreisstadt Horb
- 10 min. zum Autobahn-Anschluss
A 81 Stuttgart / Singen
- über die A 81 oder B 14 in 20 min. nach
- über die B 28 in 25 min. zur
Kreisstadt Freudenstadt
- über die A81 in 35 min. nach
Böblingen/ Sindelfingen
- über die A 81 in 50 min. zur
Landeshauptstadt Stuttgart
- über die A81 in 1h 20 min. nach
Konstanz / Bodensee

Nächste Bahnhöfe:
in 5 min.: Horb -
ICE Bahnlinie Stuttgart-Singen
in 5 min.: Horb - Bittelbronn - Bahnlinie Eutingen-Freudenstadt-Karlsruhe

direkt in Richtung Freudenstadt / Horb / Waldachtal - Fahrplan